Stillness and Winter wishes

Now into the Winter time at Plum Village, the visitors for the 3 month are in and settled for their stay.

We have spent the last few weeks getting to know one and other with room visits and joint days together. As each year they come from all over, from nearby France to Australia and America.

The opening ceremony for Winter also took place this week with the resident monastics in their ceremonial yellow robes, in the photograph below Thich Nhat Hanh is arriving and being attended down to the alter.

Winter wishes to all. Some recording below…

Happiness, Peace and Stillness in the recording room this last week or so…

A version of the Plum Village well-loved ‘Happiness Is Here and Now’ in English and French for the school song ideas (with Francois – avec appreciation cher Francois)

A song about finding the happiness in where you are…

Next Rupert(pictured) and I sing ‘Peace is Flowing Like a River’ – a song from the Plum Village song book, recently given some love by Rupert and since we recorded shared at some gatherings. Planning to do a few more over the next weeks.

Lastly for this post, an own song called ‘Be Still’. Written a few years ago and now felt the time to make a recording. A song about a friend who took time to rest…more in the description – with love to Sophie (Oboe) and Bentley (percussion).

With love Joe


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