Advent, Ellen, Tif and Colette

Into December

into Winter and advent*. The schedule of Plum Village settles into the Winter routine, 2 community days a week visiting the other Hamlets,(New & Lower) alongside a few classes a week on the peace teachings of the village and the working groups.

Come the evenings there have been other get togethers; room visiting/tea drinking, a weekly screening of the new BBC Planet Earth series with a meditation before and sharing about the environment after and  a weekly poetry club set up by Karim and I – some poem recordings planned for another post.

(*thank you for the Advent box the ever giving Isabel and all at Grove Park – felt like giving you some love here – picture below x).


Two sessions this week in the recording room and an alternative version of a Plum Village song (along with an invitation…)

First, Ellen Starmans, a friend of the visitors to the Plum Village Summer camps in Germany. Singer, songwriter and voice teacher, Ellen has been helping with the work of the Village for some years.

On the way with friends to pick olives in Spain, Ellen came by for two days to record a collection of songs – her own and others in Dutch and English.

Here’s a few of them and us sharing about her journey with song.

Next up, just a taste of a session with Happy Farmer Tif (may remember his pipes from earlier posts) and Colette – who has been visiting for a few weeks.

During Colette’s last few days this stay we recorded a number of songs; some of the Plum Village ones and others they sing together- including this, ‘Guth Na Torainn’ in Gaelic – Translated as ‘The Voice of Thunder’ or ‘God of The Elements’ a Celtic prayer to nature – more on this and other songs next time.


Last this post, a version of ‘In Out Deep Slow’ and an invitation.

As part of the Schools project, there is an idea to create alternative recordings  of songs sung in the village and have it as an ongoing collection to be shared by teachers and students- anyone you feel may like to submit something, all ideas welcome.

To give you an idea…

‘In Out Deep Slow’ are the words from a Plum Village guided meditation on calming the breath and body. Original song by Bert Evens.

with love




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