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journal with recordings and photographs from 6 month Plum Village internship /peace education and song…

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January 30th

Writing from England after rounding up the 6 months in Plum Village last week.

Beautiful last 10 days or so with a few more recordings and putting together

January 20th

Into January, bright mornings in the Village, this time of year between the New Year’s (western and eastern calanders) is a gentle time here, with farewells to the holiday visitors and hello to the returning normal village schedule.

January 10th

December to January …2016 becomes 2017 …Happy New year from Plum Village. After Christmas, the attention of the Village turns to the New Years preparations…

December 30th

The Christmas and New Year celebrations at Plum Village begin the week before with each of the Hamlets preparing decorations – the monastics leading teams of visitors making wreaths, hanging branches and paper snowflakes. It gets nice and creative –

December 20th

Christmas preparations, a visiting artist and journalist, a poetry workshop, the welcoming new monastics ceremony and a beautiful card from my niece)…

December 10th

Guests now arriving for the well-loved Christmas and New Year weeks – photographs of the decorations in the trees around the hamlets and paper snowflakes in the windows coming soon…

This last 10 days also saw the Village join the interfaith call from Standing Rock in North Dakota – the site of the now recently re routed oil pipeline.

December 1st

Into December

into Winter and advent*. The schedule of Plum Village settles into the Winter routine, 2 community days a week visiting the other Hamlets,(New & Lower) alongside a few classes a week on the peace teachings of the village and the working groups.

November 20th

Now into the Winter time at Plum Village, the visitors for the 3 month are in and settled for their stay.

We have spent the last few weeks getting to know one and other with room visits and joint days together. As each year they come from all over, from nearby France to Australia and America.

The opening ceremony…

November 10th

Autumn/winter rain and leaves in the village as go toward mid November. 

Apples are also falling 🙂 two trips these last weeks to pick up for the village from friends of the community who invite collections; local and organic, nice trips

November 1st

A few days back in the Village from Germany.

Good to meet all the educators, hear their stories and share a week of games, songs, talks and workshops – here are some photographs of our time together.

October 20th

Back writing from Germany – at Plum Village centre here – supporting their International week for educators.Ahead of the Plum Village book, ‘Happy Teachers Will Change The World’ , this week has had around 40 educators…

October 10th

Autumn time in the village – figs and hazlenuts in harvest…

October 1st

The Young Adults Artist week at the EIAB, came to my friend Larissa last year. We were both at ‘The Music We Are’ week…

September 20th

Hello from the beginning of the Plum Village Autumn programme…

September 10th

The third week of the quiet ones in the village have been fruitful…blackberries, figs, apples and plums in harvest

August 30th

A quieter week or so in the village, between the end of the Summer programme and the beginning of Autumn one –

August 20thish

2/3 weeks in.

The Village has recently hosted the last 2 weeks of the Summer programme, the Young adults week and the ‘Health’ week…

August 10th – ish-

After a beautiful week in Cornwall and another beautiful 24hours or so in London , I was blessed with Isa, Nina and Hannah’s farewell from Peckham Rye and so to France…