Apples and leaves

Apples and leaves

Autumn/winter rain and leaves in the village as go toward mid November.

Apples are also falling 🙂 two trips these last weeks to pick up for the village from friends of the community who invite collections; local and organic, nice trips

Just a few weeks away now from Winter, and some of the visitors are arriving in for the 3 months.

Interns move together into rooms and that sees me now in Starflower, with others helping in the village as neighbours for the next couple of months.



Music sharings this time from Francois and myself.

Francois has been a friend of Plum Village for almost 10 years, visiting here with his children and helping with the Summer programmes – a familiar face to many who visit.

Francois is currently on a year aspirancy to become a monastic resident.

We had Francois in to sing a month or so ago and were glad to have in again this week to share some more songs he’s picked up here, two of his own and a conversation about them and his relationship to song. Merci Francois 🙂



Also in the village this week Karim and I were at a ‘Wake Up webinar’ – a live broadcast/sharing run by members of the community out to the young adults movement ‘Wake Up’, begun by Plum Village in 2008. There are Wake Up groups who meet around the world to support the work done here, holding spaces to introduce young adults to mindfulness.

This one was about community living in towns and cities.

Pictured with Karim and I, Phap Dung, Mick and Eddie

This webinar reached out to around 40 who called in for it.

I led a song together (beautiful singing everyone) called ‘We are all the leaves’. Had a few requests for it and here is the version, recorded this week:

This is a song that has arrived in the village and become one of those Plum Village songs- so can’t credit please do mail me if you know more.

We are all the leaves of one tree/ We are all the waves of one sea

We are all the stars in one sky/ The time has come for us to live as one


6 thoughts on “Apples and leaves

  1. Couldn’t make it to the webinar, but definitely going to watch it soon. Me and a few friends of Wake Up Leuven are currently looking for a house together to start a Wake Up Hub. Happiness!!! 🙂
    Big hug from Belgium for you, Joe! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us through this blog. x


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