This land is your land, this land is my land

Winter comes with frosty mornings and colder days here in the Village -(enjoying the fairtrade gloves mum 🙂 )

Guests now arriving for the well-loved Christmas and New Year weeks – photographs of the decorations in the trees around the hamlets and paper snowflakes in the windows coming soon…

This last 10 days also saw the Village join the interfaith call from Standing Rock in North Dakota – the site of the now recently re routed oil pipeline.

Along with the many thousands of supporters around the world and onsite  in Dakota, there was a vigil here.

Together with some readings and sharings, I had the honour of leading a few songs, we  chose Pete Seeger’s ‘Rainbow Race’ and Woodie Guthrie’s ‘This Land is Your Land’

Thanks to Danae for recording the event – to Mick, Eddie, Karim for organising and Rupert for strumming along and beautiful to have everyone singing along x

From the recording room, the rest of the session with Happy Farmer Tif and visiting Colette, who came for the last month. Love to you Colette in Ireland, we’ll look after Tif x

Lovely to have spent the morning with you both (and friend Bev from Australia) all you hear in the recordings, songs and a sharing on folk songs, peace songs and Van Morrison 🙂

with love and thanks for all your messages as always



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