A quieter week or so in the village


A quieter week or so in the village, between the end of the Summer programme and the beginning of Autumn one – around 3/4 weeks of just the resident monastics, the interns and a few visiting guests being here.

Days are warm and peaceful with everyone meeting for meals and returning to their jobs/projects.

There has also been a few get togethers in evenings, some music playing, song sharing, a pizza night from the earth clay oven and a film night – Japanese animation ‘Spirited Away’ screened in the meditation hall. Also a silent day organized by one the monastics, an invitation to spend the day together with others in silence with sharing after.

I wrote to a friend – that each of my days have held…cats, dogs, blackberries, star watching and napping in the woods, and most of my days also have in them – some…hammocks, french speaking, washing up and kitchen help –

Each day also sees some time on the recording room projects, building some of the songs for children and recording others.

Here’s sharing

First 2 sessions – Turlough and Alileau

Turlough is the child of Happy Farmer Tif Eccles, here with 2 tunes for the harp Turlough’s reimagining of Plum Village song ‘Happiness’ and own piece called ‘Plum Village’ –  plans to be back in Winter so more then –

Alileau has been visiting the Village since last Winter. This song ‘Ce Peut Etre Nous’ (Maybe Us) was written then – and we shared some words about it.

and 2 to round up this one – some recordings from the Children’s sets –

‘I Have Arrived’ is the first song from the Plum Village songbook

words are

I have arrived/I am home/In the here and in the now/

I am solid/I am free/ In the ultimate I dwell

From Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings, the words are about the peace in the present moment, ‘ultimate’ is a word he uses for that feeling.

Two versions – one with Sophie on Oboe.

Some ideas for different ages – my vocal







4 thoughts on “A quieter week or so in the village

    1. hey adam -:)
      all is optional there is a 30 minutes each morning and evening and a quiet 45 minute walk each afternoon and a silent 20 minutes at the beginning of each meal with some prayers/contemplations –

      though yeah all is optional x

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