2 weeks in…

DSC067722 weeks in.

The Village has recently hosted the last 2 weeks of the Summer programme, the Young adults ‘Wake Up’ week and the ‘Health’ week…

The Plum Village young adults movement is called Wake Up (Young adults for a compassionate society) founded  8 years ago. There are groups in many countries now meeting to introduce the PV mindfulness practices and share them together.

Around 400 young adults came together for the week. Coming to Plum Village you are put into families of about 15-20 who them meet for mealtimes and sharings about how you are finding your time – family names for this week included ‘Joyful Jellyfish’ ‘Fraternal Flamingoes’ ‘Humble Bumblebees’ 🙂 –

Around the regular morning and evening meditation and meal times the resident monastics here had arranged a schedule of activities including -hiking, football, basketball and the ‘Earth Festival’ that happened in a clearing in the woods.

The week was made up of talks by the village elders (and some ‘younger elders’ giving some of their first talks on the teachings of Peace inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh). Themes included care of the environment, self compassion and relationships. We also had  talk from Christiana Figueres, who works for the UN Climate Convention – she has been a friend of the Village for many years and spoke about environment and peace.

here’s a link to some of them:

The following week was health week – some stayed and many new arrived, a smaller number with visiting wellbeing teachers (movement/yoga and nutrition) and talks on health of body and mind 🙂


I’ve spent the time settling into the project office – some more recordings to share

First spent an hour with Sebastien, a friend of the village who has been visiting for some years – many who have been here for deep relaxation may well recognise his voice. We recorded 4 songs and spoke some about them.

Also some first recordings from the children’s song project – this one called ‘the 2 promises’ –

When children come to the village they can choose to take the 2 promises (and get a certificate) at the end of their stay-

they are –

I vow to develop understanding in order to live peacefully with people, animals, plants and minerals

I vow to develop my compassion in order to protect the lives of people, animals, plants and minerals

and these are words of the song -melody written by the lovely Joe Reilly

with love



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