6 months in Plum Village



The morning light in Plum Village woods – thank you for the photograph R.

Writing from England after rounding up the 6 months in Plum Village last week.

Beautiful last 10 days or so with a few more recordings and putting together the first draft of the School songs collections – (below), ‘one for bunny ears (younger) and one for (older) rabbit ears ‘ 🙂 an idea the team are playing with. The songs are sung in the village and  relate to the Schools project work – all at wakeupschools.org – the collections will become part of the resource for this in some way.

Appreciation to those who contributed to the alternatives list; Sophie, Monica Max West, Jamie Snow, Armen (looking forward to finishing that one!), Ellen Starmans, Julia Escher and Nick Kenrick.

And all those who visited the recording room these last 6 months, for sharing your songs of peace and for all who listened in. The third playlist below takes one song from each of the sessions. With my love to the community, I have been talking with them  about returning for some further recording projects in the future and so shall keep the soundcloud open for this and listening meantime.

For now my plans are to spend a good part of this year recording an album of my own songs in England- with more appreciation here to all those who have encouraged me to do this. Also putting out some news and some previously recorded interviews with artists from the Peace Sounds albums and looking at what is next for our label project – songwriters please do get in touch – always good to hear new stuff- feeling the more sharings in these times the better.

Some own recordings of mine and the first 2 peace sounds albums can be found here

joeholtaway.wordpress.com  &  peacesounds.org

Peace, love and songs



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