Love to the teachers

A few days back in the Village from Germany.

Good to meet all the educators, hear their stories and share a week of games, songs, talks and workshops – here are some photographs of our time together.

Now a few weeks before the Plum Village Winter, a period of 3 months until the new year where there is around 30 places in each of the hamlets open for longer-stay guests who become part of the community for the season. Short term guests still come and go – with many over Christmas and New Year weeks for the celebrations, more on these in time…


2 songs and a relaxation.

First one as a video, a filming of myself and Eamon from 2 posts ago – now moved on from the village, traveling with Guillame who made this little film. Also thanks to Jonas who put it all together –

If you ever need a mandolin player (Eamon) a film maker (Guillaume) or a photographer/editor (Jonas) be sure to let me know and I’ll put you in touch 🙂

Here’s ‘Who Will Sing For Me’

Second a first recording of a version of Island of the Self, a song written by Joseph Emet based on writings of Thich Nhat Hanh, the idea that to meditate is to come ‘back to the peace in yourself’ like an island. This version is amongst a few ideas we are looking to put together for teachers to use in their classrooms.

And a relaxation from the Educators week – one for the teachers’ inner children 🙂

includes the songs

I Can Sing a Rainbow (Arthur Hamilton), Great Big Smile (Plum Village), Breathing In Breathing Out (Betsey Rose), In Out Deep Slow (Plum Village), All In My Heart (Plum Village), What a Wonderful World (Bob Thiele/George Weiss), When I Rise (Plum Village)


2 thoughts on “Love to the teachers

  1. Joe, I want to express my gratitude to you for all your beautiful posts. It helps me to experience a stronger sense of connection with the Sangha at Plum Village. I love listening to your songs, and that deep relaxation offering was fab!


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