‘Happy Teachers Will Change The World’

Back writing from Germany – at Plum Village centre here – supporting their International week for educators.

Ahead of the Plum Village book, ‘Happy Teachers Will Change The World’ , this week has had around 40 educators come together from different countries who all share an interest in bringing some of the Plum Village practices and teachings into their classrooms.

Along with Yvonne, our PV schools office coordinator, and 3 of the Plum Village resident monastics, Karim and I have been here to support the week.

Now 5 days in we’ve had talks each day, led relaxations in the afternoons and workshops in the evenings around education and mindfulness.



Away from the recording room I’ve been listening through and bringing together some songs from sessions over the last month or so, first with Raaz, (some of you know) who came by to play some piano for one of the schools recordings (still working on)

and here sharing a few other recordings we made while he was there – we share affection for the artist Nahko Bear, 2 Nahko songs here ‘Aloha’ and ‘Great Spirit’ and a piano piece Raaz likes to play.

Good to have you by Raaz and thanks for the thermos x

Then some of the children’s songs ideas. These four are from the Plum Village song book ‘Breathing In, Breathing Out’ same song by Betsey Rose, as last post – another version- and the other 3 the words are from the teachings of Plum Village put to music by members of the community.

More to come…

with love




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