Autumn time in the Village – figs and hazelnuts in harvest…

Autumn time in the Village – figs and hazelnuts in harvest and the second arrival of visitors came, most for a week or two.

During this time the hamlets come together twice a week, on a Thursday and a Sunday for what are called  ‘Days of Mindfulness’. The village receives day visitors for these days too.

There’s a talk in the morning by one of the village elders and then a shared lunch with sharing circles in the afternoon.

The days go between the hamlets, been good meeting visitors from the others.

Thich Nhat Hanh came to join one for lunch this week.

Since returning from a care stay in America, now stays with attendants nearby the village.

Yesterday also marked Thich Nhat Hanh’s 90th birthday – we had farm pumpkin cake in celebration.



Some musical sharings from the recording room from two visits this week, Julia and Eamon.

Julia came to the village from the Artist’s week we had in Germany; singer/songwriter and Mindfulness & Self Compassion teacher Julia came by to sing with me on a version of the much loved Plum Village inspired Betsy Rose song, ’Breathing In Breathing Out’ and also her cover of Peter Mayer’s ‘Japanese Bowls’.

Eamon has been on the Happy Farm project for just about a year, finishing the internship in a couple of weeks. Those who’ve visited the village in the last 12 months may well have heard some mandolin coming through the trees : ). We recorded a few songs you can hear here on Eamon’s Website

Thanks Guillaume for these beautiful photographs.



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