The Young Adults Artist week at the EIAB, came to my friend Larissa last year. We were both at ‘The Music We Are’ week…



The Young Adults Artist week at the EIAB, came to my friend Larissa last year. We were both at ‘The Music We Are’ week at the EIAB (European Institute of Applied Buddism) for a week of music, writing, singing and sound workshops – this one was Charlie’s idea (you may know) and was inspired from a the creativity weeks before it so there’s a bit of history.

The EIAB itself is an old hospital with a difficult past, used by the Nazi Party as part of their plan to bring away certain types of people from society. Now owned by Plum Village it is used for courses on well-being, meditation and creativity inspired by peace. (all events and workshops here


During the Winter Larissa and i said ‘yes, let’s do this’ and so the week of workshops on painting, poetry, writing, singing, songs and movement came together. We were around 30 for the 6 days, from England, Sweden, Holland, France and many from Germany – good to be with everyone there, all in my heart now as I write about it.

Our aim for the week was to make a safe, creative space where we could find peace with our creativity- play, and share on what it means to us within us and in the world.

We spent our days around the EIAB with one hike day into the woods. We did deep relaxations each day (some recordings to come when I put them together to share) and worked on paintings and poems and songs.

Some other ideas we looked at; our inner child and inner critical voice and also art as activism responding to issues in the world.

Elder Monastic Sister Annabel also gave us a talk about the value of creativity and our responsibility as artists.

Appreciation to all we shared the week.

Some recordings so far from this week,

First ‘Let Love Love’


the song that came from the songwriting workshop

written by

Sebastien, Lillian, Andi, Lena, Julia, Marius, Annica and Joe

We sat with a melody and wrote the verses together – here’s what we got…let love keep you cool 🙂



2 recordings with harmonica and some words from Walter, a friend of the EIAB who was guest at some of our sessions and became part of our family.

Walter plays, ‘Avalo’ written in Plum Village inspired by the Buddhist teachings of loving Kindness. We also play the Christian Spiritual ‘Down In The River To Pray’ and below – ’Let Yourself Be Seen’ a song of my one that I finished writing the words for this week, much inspired by all there.





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